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This page is dedicated to the loving memory of my beloved Princess (left photo), who left me to go to the Rainbow Bridge on March 1, 2000, and to my kitties Bootsie (Rainbow Bridge - Jan. 11, 2005), Gizmo, Sassy, Whiskers and Spook (right photo), who suddenly left for the Bridge on Sept. 13, 2003, and my appaloosa Rocket, who went to the Bridge Nov. 1990. My Rainbow Bridge page is dedicated to Princess and Spook.

This is a view from my apartment. The Empire State Building is in the distance to the left.

Princess' Memorial Page

Bootsie (Rainbow Bridge, Jan. 11, 2005) and Gizmo
Spook, early 1998 to Sept. 13, 2003

My furkids, past and present, have their own page.

Princess would have been 14 in April. She might have been 14 already, since I never knew her date of birth. She was diabetic, had early stage chronic renal failure, and was losing her sight and hearing. It was very difficult and sad to see my long time companion, pal and furchild age, always wondering how much longer she'd be with me. She was finally taken by a probable brain tumor on March 1, 2000.

I've found resources on the web about these diseases and problems which affect our furkids:

Pet Diabetes page
Information and resources on blind dogs
Information on dogs with renal failure
Information on cats with renal failure

In the '80's, I was a NYC kid with my own horse. I'll never forget Rocket, my beautiful Appaloosa, who I loved very much. He won ribbons doing Gymkhana -- barrel racing.
Rocket went to The Rainbow Bridge in late 1990.
Pictures of me and Rocket.

I'm a nature lover and have been enjoying photography since I was 8......
Me and a special friend:

(This photo was taken on one of the ice floes where harp seal pups are born.)

Sanibel Island is world famous for birding and shelling. There is information here, including a map, on where the birds hang out, and a link to the Sanibel Island Chamber of Commerce page, for further info about the island.

Birds of Sanibel Island

"You Know it's going to be a Bad Day When