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Sassy's Page

Sassy joined us several years after Princess (RB 3/1/00), Bootsie and Gizmo came to live with me. She was a very pretty kitten, mostly white with a long orange tail and orange markings on her head and back of her rear legs, about 3 months old, who obviously had been abandoned by cruel humans. A neighbor came and got me, and when we saw her outside, she first walked up to Princess, then to me. As soon as she was brought into the apartment, she took it over. (Photo on left taken July '97, on one of her favorite spots, the 'puter monitor.)

Kitten Sassy

She turned out to be a mini-blizzard in fur. Names such as Blizzard, Cyclone and Tornado were considered. She swatted anyone in her way, and still does -- except me.

As she's gotten older, she's become more affectionate. She talks to me in a kitten-voice "mew" when she wants her favorite food, Fancy Feast, which is most of the time. Like any normal healthy cat, she always wants me to think she's starving. She keeps trying to help me get dinner ready, not realizing that she's slowing me down. While I'm putting the food in dishes, she almost screams in desperation.

She is barely tolerant of Princess, and hates the other cats. She wants to be an only cat. She is very resentful when Gizmo is eating and she's not, and has swatted him for this. I can't get her to understand that she eats a gazillion times faster than he does, and is getting about the same amount of food that he is.

She often retreats to my bed, to be away from the other kitties. I often see she and Gizmo on the bed, but away from each other. When she's in the living room, she's often on top of the monitor. She used to rest on the printer, but Whiskers kind of took over that spot. Sassy detests Whiskers.

Sassy seems afraid of most kitty toys, but loves the one (in picture above) that is a long thin piece of colorful material on a stick, which I can make twirl like a lasso or desert snake.

From little angel to bullying Gizmo.... Can you believe it's the same cat in both photos.....

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